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My CARE Initiative, a 501(c) 3 organization was “born” on May 15, 2015, and has been extremely active ever since its birth. Our main goal is to connect and spread the healing properties of the Arts in as many productive and positive ways as possible. It is the parent company to the Break Through Silence movement and division, and other programs. Our mission is to integrate the varied mediums of the arts and connect with as many willing, like-minded and like-hearted people and businesses as possible in order to affect positive change, growth, and progress. We believe in the power of connection and it is our goal to promote awareness, learning, and healing within social and humanities projects and programs. Through the lenses of the social entrepreneurial dynamic, we intend to affect change through different applications with foundational ties of intelligence, compassion, action, resilience, and empathy. In other words, we CARE.

Kenisha CoyKenisha Coy

ken•i•sha coy (ken-ee-sha koi) n.
1. Dynamic and creative leader; hardworking; reliable; passionate arts advocate who believes the arts can save lives. 2. Programs created by and with Kenisha Coy’s leadership as Chair of the Fitchburg Cultural Council recognized her and the council as 2015 Council of the Year throughout Massachusetts. 3. Created a literacy program within after school and summer camp programs as Director; activist of child abuse prevention and sexual assault awareness programs. 4. Impresario; self-motivator; Cultural Commerce Connection; MLK Travel Arts Gallery – Library Series. 5. Collaborator; established relationships with businesses, organizations and individuals for community arts, education and awareness projects. 6. Writer; published in different newspaper outlets; grant researcher, writer, and nonprofit educator. 7. Enjoys theater, poetry, the written word, in general and movies; vocalist. 8. Loves swimming; enjoys most sports and games. 9. Encourager, instructor, competitive and champion board breaker; loyal friend.