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Community Engagement and Art Initiatives

There are businesses who realize the value of social impact and have the desire to contribute in making our world a better place. Art is one such way of accomplishing this. Community engagement and art initiatives with MyCare Initiative links artists and businesses for the purpose of serving its community continued collaborations between community members, from youth to youth at heart.

Strong arts support in communities also provides benefits of civic engagement, yields higher local economic revenue, increases learning, healing and connection in addition to its aesthetic and thought-provoking properties. Let’s strive in working together for the overall betterment and wellness of our neighborhoods. Our communities are counting on it.

Displays of Awareness

Community Arts Initiative that showcases artwork from an array of artists of different backgrounds, perspectives and mediums, local as well as established artists regional and internationally located to connect a common theme for the purposes of collective connection, conversation and awareness within the safe and engaging space of art. The locations vary which has included businesses, libraries, and local municipalities. Each theme is uniquely selected based on the common thread of a cause that connects the artists, community, business, and nonprofit mission.

Travel Arts Gallery