Light That Bushel Up!

There are a lot of changes happening. In our world, in our communities, within individually. In me. Things that made sense, don’t seem to fit as well. Muscles, pearls, most anything of substance goes through some sort of transitory process. Instead of keeping it in or discussing with friends these beautiful absurdities within life, I am opening up my heart and words to share with you. The struggle is indeed real. And while difficult at times, it is supremely necessary and beautiful in becoming our better selves. Letting your light shine in a world that can be void of hope at times is the bravest and most authentic contribution one can make. People will judge, misunderstand or just be mean. And that can hurt. But I believe more people are and will be thoughtful, caring and encouraging than all the other negative stuff. And so here we go, here I go, sharing my experiences and thoughts in this beautiful struggle that is called life.


  1. How poetic the visual meaning of life! To be brave to open up and show up on a daily planner is wonderful way to bring a visual community together. I was just checking out this website and came across this beautiful image of life!

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